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"Let Me Vent Please is the most professional product to appear so far in the self-taught producer and engineer's catalog. The beats are often sparse, but they slap as hard as anything else on Spotify, and his vocals sound superb." - Justin Boland with Seven Days

   Written, produced and mixed by Big Homie Wes his latest project Let Me Vent Please (LMVP) is packed with heavy hitters front to back. The work flow of this project consisted of arriving at the studio and producing beats in a haste then freestyling lyrics on the go allowing any surface thoughts to be cemented in a recording with many introspective moments. Boasting Over a Decade of practice with production and writing lyrics LMVP marks a new stride for Vermont rapper, producer and DJ Big Homie Wes.

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"Written, produced and recorded by Wes, the eight-track record — which also features Morrisville musician Samuel Guihan (Soul Stew, Dipped in Moonlight) on bass — is a super chill and infectious head nodder with deep bass grooves backing Wes’s laid-back baritone and lush beats." - Tom Huntington with The Rutland Herald

   Combining efforts with other producers, musicians, and engineers Big Homie Wes' 2023 release Higher Calling is one of his strongest releases to date. Each track featuring Samuel Guihan on the bass puts this hip hop project in a realm of its own. With a majority of production being done by Big Homie Wes Higher Calling showcases his growth with beat making and sound selection. Jay Attik is responsible for producing Revelation that also features long time collaborator Dyz the Myth. Mixed and mastered by Skysplitterink in Burlington, Vermont this behemoth of sound hits the way that it was intended.

Higher Calling
MUSIC: Feature
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